Nominate a Panellist to Participate in Cannes Lions Curated Sessions by 24 February 5pm (GMT)

Cannes Lions 22 - 26 June 2020

The Cannes Lions Content Team also curate a series of our own Cannes Lions-hosted content sessions, designed to challenge thinking and the status quo. These include but are not limited to:

  • CMOs on the Beach panel series
  • Chief Creatives on the Beach series
  • Badass Women panel series
  • Future Gazers on the Terrace
  • Cannes Lions Digital Pass

We may also use these nominations for year-round Cannes Lions produce content, such as reports, videos, podcast etc.

PLEASE NOTE This is not a talk submission for the stage, but an individual speaker nomination for an existing Cannes Lions curated panel session. If you would like to host a talk on stage, you can submit your proposal here.

Below is a brief description of each panel:

CMOs on the Beach - Speakers must be of CMO level or equivalent, from client-side organisations only. Both large, established and challenger brands welcome.

Chief Creatives on the Beach - These panels feature Creatives from our industry to discuss the creative state of play and where the industry is headed. Networks, independents, in-house, adjacent - all Creatives welcome.

Badass Women Panels - These sessions take a step back to look at who is driving creative leadership today. They put some of the most fearless female chiefs of creative businesses in the hot seat. All Badass Women welcome.

Future Gazers Panels - Each speaker presents a vision for their chosen focus area, for example, The Future of Media or Design or AI. If you have a mind-blowing, forward-thinking future gazer, put them forward here.

Cannes Lions Digital Pass - We curate a series of broadcast segments on the Cannes Lions Digital Pass, particularly looking for experts on specific subject areas or up-and-coming talent. Put forward your thought leaders here and describe their key talking points in the nomination.

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As the organiser you will be our main point of contact and owner of this panellist. We will send any related communications directly to you — and you are responsible for providing us with the necessary information. Please note that organisers not speaking do not receive a complimentary pass.
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Once you have submitted your nomination, you will receive a confirmation email and login details. You can log in at any time to update the details of your nomination.

You can view the status of your speaker when you log in to your account on the speaker portal.

If you have any questions please email and a member of the team will get back to you.